Sometimes, you just get lucky. Sometimes, you pay attention to the arbitrary email that lands in your inbox. Sometimes, you cultivate a rewarding, productive relationship – in spite of the craziness of business growth. This happened to us at White Space when we were introduced to Meredith Lai. First, comes the clear evidence of intelligence, experience, and a stellar attitude. Then, she just delivers the work. But eventually, it’s much more than that. Meredith fuses with a team of ambitious marketers and their even more ambitious clients to create crisply written, strategically sound written material. Don’t let the word ‘blog’ fool you. Meredith writes deeply relevant material around technically complicated topics. And she does it with a willingness and openness that makes the process as great as the work (well, maybe almost as great as the work, but that’s on us). Meredith’s forte is turning technical information into digestible marketing materials, optimized with high-value, authoritative sources, and edited within an inch of its life. We absolutely have the most selective clients who demand exacting writing standards along with creativity. Meredith delivers, always. We would hire Meredith full time in a minute if she’d have us. Happy to discuss further with anyone interested in Meredith’s skill and accomplishments.

— Ilene Rosenthal, CEO, White Space Marketing Group

“It’s refreshing to work with a freelance writer who’s as invested in getting it right as you. Meredith wrote long-form copy for me for a particularly challenging client, and not only could I count on her work to be solid and error-free, but she proactively sought to improve and adapt to better meet the client’s needs. She’s a true pleasure to work with!”

— Matt Smithmier, Director of Content Development, Creelio

“Meredith stands out for her ability to lead successful cross-functional teams. When I hired Meredith at National Instruments as managing editor, I knew she possessed strong writing skills and had an eye for creating marketing copy that drives results. What I didn’t know was that those core skills, combined with her ability to lead and coach others, would serve to help our organization solve a key issue — training our product marketing engineers to write compelling technical marketing content for our various print and web publications.

Meredith worked tirelessly to create materials and examples of work to ensure our engineering team could write great, technical marketing content to boost web traffic from our target audiences. She went on to deliver the training for the next year, growing talented technical writers across the organization. I would have her on my marketing team any day.”

— Lee Chapman, Vice President, Account Services, TREW Marketing

“Hands down Meredith is by far the best writer I worked with at Creelio (my content marketing tech startup). She consistently delivered top notch, in voice, on target content for blogs and social media. Meredith rarely needed any editing and when given direction, she easily adapted. She exceeded our expectations time and time again. I’ll continue to work with her for editing and writing support.”

— Julie Edge, Ph.D., Life & Leadership Coach, Writer

“Meredith is an asset to any marketing team. She grasps concepts quickly and is able to transform complicated ideas and objectives into wonderfully understandable marketing prose.”

— Kay Kirchner, Communications and Events Project Manager

“Meredith truly understands our mission to promote women’s health through fitness. She brings fresh ideas to our marketing projects and writes effective materials that speak to our audience in a fun, light-hearted voice.”

— Terry Mann, KC Express Publicity Chair

“Meredith brings a skilled eye to the work of editing, along with helpful tips and insight. Every time I have worked with Meredith, she has had very quick turnaround times and provided immediate responses to questions and requests. The most important benefit of working with Meredith is that she points out ways to add clarity, conciseness, and quality to my reports. Thus, she not only edits the work, but truly teaches how to avoid mistakes and become a better writer. Without a doubt, Meredith’s work has built a foundation that I will continue to rely on for my reports.”

— Julian Buegers, Financial Analyst, Allied Business Group

“Having worked with Meredith for four years on the publicity team for KC Express, I highly recommend her services. She produces excellent work for a variety of mediums, capturing the voice of the Express and targeting our audience, and she does it all in a timely manner with a smile on her face!”

— Kelly Pfannenstiel, KC Express Publicity

“Meredith is a valuable member of our team. She brings a keen eye and fresh perspective to all of our written needs, from reports to confidential information memorandums, and everything in between. Meredith meets strict deadlines and routinely accommodates short lead times due to fluid deadlines. Not only does Meredith provide editing skills, she is more than willing to go the extra mile. Meredith has taken the time to teach me fundamental, technical writing principles. Her advice has added quality and clarity to my writing, ensuring that very technical topics are easily understood. Meredith has truly helped me develop a skill that I will use for the entirety of my professional career.”

— Nathan Jones, Financial Analyst, Allied Business Group