Clear, Compelling Business Content

If you struggle to describe your product or service in clear and compelling language, you’re not alone. I can help.

Speak Your Customer’s Language
Many business owners and subject matter experts become so comfortable with their own product and jargon that they forget their customers don’t speak the same language. I can tell your business story in terms your customers will understand.

Get the Writing Done
The everyday demands of running your business or building your product probably leave little time for writing about it. But business writing–whether online or print, informational or persuasive–is my product. Let me put it to work for you.

Extend Your Marketing Team
My clients agree: I’m a quick study and a team player. I ask lots of questions, write hard, and produce materials that work. I have experience in high tech, finance, and health/fitness, working with executives, engineers, and everyone in between. I’d love to work with you.